• Contributing to global warming prevention through catalyst technology


This is palm oil called PAO with a lot of oxidation. Although it is not suitable for edible, it can be used for biomass power generation and is subject to Feed-in Tariff Program.


This is a new product which improved PAO by mechanical treatment to prevent solidification at relatively low temperature. As special chemicals are not added, they are also subject to Feed-in Tariff Program.

palm factory

I went to Indonesia several weeks ago. This is a picture of the palm oil factory taken at that time. The shell of the PKS is scattered on the ground and cars and people are stepping on the shell. I feel unbelievable that they treat precious shells poorly.

palm seeds

It is the tuft after taking the palm seeds. Because it contains fat, it seems to be used as fuel. However it is actually difficult. I hope that it will be reborn as fuel by compression and pellet technology and so on in the future.


This is the pulp freshly harvested. From now on, they are softened by heating with steam, then pressurized to squeeze out the oil.