• Contributing to global warming prevention through catalyst technology

“BAT” realizes significant cost reduction of lead-acid batteries, and reduces environmental impact by suppressing lead emissions


It is a catalyst that makes it possible to prolong the life of lead batteries!

Battery regeneration catalyst “BAT” was developed from the combined technology of carbon technology and newly developed “redox catalyst” for prolongation of life and regeneration of lead battery. We will reduce sulfation occupying more than 80% of the degradation factor and apply coating to the cell electrode utilizing potential difference. “BAT” can maintain its effect for a long time.

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➡  Degradation Factors and Regeneration of Battery


“BAT” catalyst is a product that can be easily reproduced by yourself, simply by putting it in a weak lead battery cell. The principle of enabling regeneration and maintaining the regeneration effect for a long time is to carbon-coat the electrode plate after dissolving the sulfation fixed on the weak battery electrode.

Those who used BAT for a newer battery than used, you can feel the effect of BAT more.

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Benefits of Introducing BAT

BAT”  has five major introduction advantages. Not only cost reduction effect but also great effect on CO2 reduction, air pollutant emission reduction, suppression of use of rare metals, and lead emission control.

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Case Study

As a result of using “BAT” as a forklift in a major food maker, after 2 months of storage battery inspection, the battery liquid density rose from 1.190 to 1.300. The interview survey found out that the forklift had no trouble in the subsequent 12 years, and we received the evaluation of “BAT”. (There are differences in the period depending on the battery condition, and there are cases where a battery with a physical obstruction can not be regenerated)

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