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Eco Advanced Motor Oil 「FOREVER」 


Synthetic paraffin oil derived from 100% natural gas by the latest GTL technology










What is GTL technology?


■ GTL technology is a technology to produce fuel such as gasoline directly from natural gas.


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Eco Advanced Motor Oil is a synthetic paraffin oil derived from 100% natural gas and “low environmental impact” motor oil born from the latest GTL technology. It has characteristics of being “hard to oxidize” and “hard to degrade” and sustains its performance peak over a long period of time.



The most important feature of Eco Advanced Motor Oil is that the oil performance peak can be maintained for a long time. It also leads to maintenance of engine performance, and it has the following features.


  • Overwhelming super-lifetime and durability that can maintain performance peak for a long time
  • 100% natural gas derived paraffin oil based on GTL technology
  • Nanomolecular structure difficult to degenerate for a long time
  • Can be used anywhere at anytime because it is not affected by temperature and so on
  • Improved driving feel such as acceleration


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Eco Advanced Motor Oil

【Key benefits】

Eco Advanced Motor Oil has five major advantages. Not only cost reduction effect but also great effect on CO2 reduction and air pollutant emission reduction. It is environmentally friendly oil.


  1. Cost reduction effect
  2. Reduction of oil change management work
  3. Reduction of CO2 emissions
  4. Suppression of air pollutants (exhaust gas) emission
  5. Environmental pollution and impact risk are scarce


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Eco Advanced Motor Oil

Quality Certification

Eco Advance Oil is certified as the highest rank of the API standards, and it has been demonstrated by analysis of various specialized institutions.


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Eco Advanced Motor Oil

【Product Line】

Engine oil, gear oil, flushing oil and hydraulic fluid “turbine oil” is available.


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