• Contributing to global warming prevention through catalyst technology

 Cost reduction with fuel activated catalyst “Tank Tiger”

Boiler fuel efficiency can be improved by 20%,

Also, CO2 and CO can be reduced!

How to use is very simple! Just put “Tank Tiger” in the fuel!



Activation catalyst “Tank Tiger” which completely burns hydrocarbon liquid fuel such as heavy oil, kerosene, gasoline, light oil and so on helps cost reduction and CO2 reduction. “Tank Tiger” has been used in various industries until now, and in fact many companies have succeeded in reducing costs.

Example of use

Case of Y factory

・Fuel used : A heavy oil

・Fuel usage : 3,000 KL per year

・Fuel unit price : 75 yen
The fuel reduction rate is 20% (600 KL)

CO2 coefficient is 2.71 kg CO2/L
An annual fuel consumption reduction ⇒ about 45 million yen
Annual CO2 emissions reduction ⇒ approximately 1,626,000 kg CO2

Case Study

“Tank Tiger” is used in various places such as factories, large-scale hotels, hot springs, university hospitals and plastic houses.

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Tank Tiger dramatically reduces the running costs (fuel costs) of heavy oil, kerosene and recycled oil. It reduces CO2 and air pollutants as well as reducing cost effectiveness as well as reducing fuel usage. Features as a catalyst of a tank tiger such as “Keeping fuel quality once it is introduced” can help to improve and maintain quality of stock fuel.

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Environmentally Friendly (CO2, CO, NOx, SOx can be reduced)

As one solution for energy conservation and CO2 reduction, customers who are using tank tigers are increasing. Tank Tiger will support customers’ global warming prevention, CSR building and ISO efforts.

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The principle of Tank Tiger

Tank Tiger is a catalyst that burns and reforms fuel easily. The principle is that when putting a tank tiger, the carbon that constitutes the fuel changes from a large molecular mass to a small small molecule, and the fuel molecules are well mixed with oxygen molecules than before. The quality of combustion is improved, the combustion environment inside the boiler improves, and its synergistic effect greatly improves fuel economy. The cause of poor fuel economy is that liquid fuel mixes with the atmosphere inside the tank and oxidizes. There is also the occurrence of bacteria as oxidation progresses. Various vicious cycles increase unburnt substance (unsaturated hydrocarbon) sludge. By using a tank tiger, the fuel becomes finer and the density increases, so that change can be grasped by a density meter, a specific gravity meter, and you can feel the effect.

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Tank tiger is effective for improving fuel economy of automobiles, ships

There are various tank tigers for boiler, gasoline, light oil and so on.

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